About us

Revealing Histories is a partnership of eight museums and galleries in Greater Manchester. We came together in 2007 to commemorate the bicentenary of the abolition of the British slave trade in 1807 and to explore the legacy of slavery in our collections, in our communities and in our region. Slavery is part of our shared history that still impacts on our lives today.

We explored transatlantic slavery through the history of our institutions, through the objects in our collections and the people who collected those objects. We also researched the significance of the slave trade in the history of the Greater Manchester region and wrote a substantial research report.

Then we went public. We developed exhibitions and displays, events and activities. We encouraged dialogue and discussion through talks, object handling sessions and feedback cards and hosted public debates.

We also developed innovative drama performances and produced two exciting films which were written and acted by young people.

This website is a record of the objects, stories, voices and events that were the Revealing Histories project.

The bicentenary gave us an opportunity to reflect on the impact that slavery has had on Britain’s economy, society and culture. The legacies of slavery live on, so this site is designed to continue the debate and on every page you have an opportunity to comment and contribute.

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Slavery is a deeply sensitive subject and it can be difficult to understand how the different elements fit together - the histories and the legacies. We hope a thematic approach helps make the connections.

Revealing Histories is all about giving people a chance to grasp the basics of the history - but from a local perspective.

Accuracy is important for Revealing Histories - the content is checked but the odd error is bound to slip through. Plain English is also important. If there are parts that are difficult to understand or you know to be wrong, please let us know using the Contact us link.