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How to use this section
How to use the learning resources

How to use this section

There are eight learning resources exploring Greater Manchester and transatlantic slavery in the list on the left.

You can download and print out all eight learning resources in PDF or Word format by clicking in the box to the right. Click to download a vocabulary sheet that explains difficult words.

Additionally, you can download teachers' notes in full colour and printable formats. These contain the discussion questions, additional information, hints and tips as well as curriculum links.

This Accursed Thing is an interactive video drama which brings history to life. It explores transatlantic slavery through the perspectives of an African chief, an English slave trader, Thomas Clarkson, James Watkins and a mill worker.

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How to use the learning resources

  • Each learning resource has three images linked to each other and an overall theme
  • The three images are shown initially with no information
  • Pupils can use interpretation skills to work out what the images are and the connections between them
  • Clicking on an image enlarges it and reveals further information
  • Underneath the images are further discussion points for the classroom
  • Related items on the right takes you to other relevant information on the website
  • Related links takes you to external websites to explore other sources of information
  • Images and information can be copied, pasted and printed to use in the classroom

Learning Cards Downloads

Full colour PDF

Printable PDF

An interactive video drama on slavery and abolition

This Accursed Thing

Thomas Clarkson 1760-1846